Do you want to discover your Finnish ancestors and learn about their lives? This site will show you how to find information about your ancestors from free Finnish Internet sources.

You may have thought about what made you who you are. You probably look more or less like your parents. Some of your personality traits may have come from your grandparents; some of them may have come from earlier ancestors. Abilities like musicality, mathematical skills and artistic talent, may have appeared in earlier generations. Sometimes unpleasant traits are inherited, including some diseases.

Finnish genealogical records can tell you not just your ancestors’ names, but also what your ancestors did for a living and how they died. Much of this information can be obtained without cost from the Internet.

The aim of this site is to provide the guidance you need to begin investigating your Finnish roots in the free Finnish on-line records. If you need additional help contact me at Finnancestors.

Finnancestors is a Finnish business, that grew out of my genealogy hobby. I began studying Finnish genealogy in 2012. Since then, I have attended genealogy courses taught by Mrs. Anja Nieminen-Porkka, a respected genealogist and educator. I am grateful for her valuable, professional education. Since these genealogy classes are not available outside Finland, I have created this website in English to share the knowledge I have gained. I have made every effort to check the information contained on this site; however, I am solely responsible for any possible mistakes.