If your prefer not to search the Finnish resources yourself or if you have difficulty finding information, I will gladly help you. I am likely to have success if you are looking for information about relatives who were born over 100 years ago. Because of government restrictions on recent information, requests involving people who were born more recently, are more complicated; however, I may be able to obtain recent information by directly contacting the Finnish parishes.

Please use this link to submit your request for information. I will make sure the records you need are available at no cost. If the records exist, I will quote you a reasonable price for the search. For example, to get an ancestor’s birth date, birth place, father, and mother (together with a link to the original records when available) is only 15 € to 30 € (about 17 to 34 US$ depending on the exchange rate). If you request information that is difficult to find, you can expect higher costs.

You can purchase just the answer to your question, or you can purchase the answer and a detailed guide explaining how to find that type of information yourself (For general information on the Internet sources, check the Who, where, when? section). Detailed guidance on how to find the same information by yourself costs an additional 20 € (about 23 US$). Outside the European Union, payment should be made using Paypal.

You can submit your inquiry here: