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Digihakemisto helps you find records in the National Archives of Finland

Since the Digital Archives have been disabled, finding genealogical documents in the National Archives of Finland has become more difficult. The new service Uusi Astia requires using precise search words. Also, many indexes which were available in the Digital Archives are not yet available in the Uusi Astia.

Digihakemisto is a web site that genealogists have created to make searching the Digital Archives easier. The work is ongoing so the site does not yet contain indexes for all archived records. Digihakemisto had to be change when the Digital Archive was disabled because they used the same database. After the changes, Digihakemisto was moved to another server and is now available at

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Uusi Astia. A new web portal for browsing the genealogical data of the National Archives of Finland

Digital Archives is a well-known website for those researching their Finnish Ancestry. The National Archives of Finland has shut down this site and replaced it with a new web service called Uusi Astia. They already had a service called Astia (only in Finnish), which had mainly been used for browsing documents located in the Archives. The new service Uusi Astia is designed to be used both for browsing digital materials and materials located in the archive. It replaces the Digital Archives which was technologically obsolete. The new web site is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

The National Archives of Finland, Hämeenlinna
The National Archives of Finland, Hämeenlinna (Photo: Kansallisarkisto)
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Using the registry of Christenings to Research Finnish Ancestors

The Registry of Christenings is the best place to confirm the date and location of an ancestor’s birth. Although most birthdates in the Communion records are correct, errors can occur. The most accurate source for the birthdate is the Registry of Christenings. In addition, the Registry of Christenings provides the parents’ full names and often the father’s occupation. Some records also give the mother’s age at the time of the birth. All records list the godparents. Some may be relatives.

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What is

My name is Kauko. I have genealogy as a hobby. My site will tell you, which kind of possibilities internet gives, for the beginners in genealogy, to search information from your Finnish ancestors. The site is in English and Finnish. I will post here articles, which in detail describe, how to find information of your Finnish ancestors from free Finnish sources. You will find the digitized original records and learn how to read them.

I help you also to find the information you need. You can get a tailor-made training package just for your needs. Next time you will manage by yourself.

The site is still more or less under construction and translation of the posts written in Finnish will take some time. Do not hesitate to contact, if you have any questions.

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